Marrying Well



Building a marriage that lasts
Your wedding day is an exciting day – a celebration of love, romance, partnership and the joyful anticipation of a long, happy life together. But, as the popular saying suggests, the honeymoon doesn’t last forever. Financial expectations, family politics, unresolved conflict, communication patterns, belief systems – every day life tests the strength of your relationship.

Will your marriage be strong enough to weather the challenges of real life? We believe that with the right tools, knowledge and skills, every couple can answer that question with a resounding – yes! Marriages work when couples have the proper foundation.

Marrying Well weekend seminars are designed to help couples learn the essentials of lasting love. Described by participants as informative, practical, and enjoyable, Marrying Well seminars are filled with lots of positive and proactive strategies for growing your relationship into a vibrantly healthy connection.

Using a combination of short presentations, group discussion, and a lot of guided conversation between you and your partner, we cover a wide range of topics and critical issues central to marriage. Casual, unthreatening, and led by experienced facilitators, Marrying Well seminars help to promote emotionally intimate and deeply satisfying marriages.

Who may benefit
This seminar is open to all couples anticipating marriage, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, and cultural or faith tradition. Whether you are entering into your first marriage or have been married before, we invite you to join us for a weekend seminar and learn how to make your relationship the best it can possibly be.

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